How to handle a drainage emergency

how to handle a drainage emergency- KJC Drainage

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At KJC Drainage, we understand that drainage emergencies can happen at any time, day or night. But whilst some situations are considered an emergency, others aren’t, so when should you start calling a professional blocked drainage company for assistance?

A specialist should be called when a drainage issue gets beyond the point of at-home or cosmetic repair. An emergency drainage expert deals with drainage issues that are severe and can cause serious damage to your home or business, such as an overflowing toilet, blocked sink or sewage backup.

Are you currently experiencing a drastic drainage issue? Are you wondering if it is warranted to call an emergency drainage specialist? We want to answer as many of your questions as possible within this guide.

Read on to find out the best way to handle a drainage emergency and to find out how we at KJC Drainage can help.

What is considered a drainage emergency?

Although some drainage problems present themselves over time (like a slow to fill bath), some drainage emergencies come on quickly and, if left unresolved, can cause further damage.

There are a lot of different drainage emergencies you can have. Some of the most common emergencies are a clogged drain that prevents the usage of a shower or bath, blocked soakaways or septic tanks, or any issues relating to a lack of proper water supply or flash flood emergencies.

A blocked drain, sewer line, and a water leak can cause extensive damage to your dwelling, which is a headache nobody wants to endure.

The longer you wait, the bigger the concern becomes, and common drainage problems can easily transition into an emergency such as a flooded home.

A blocked toilet and blocked pipes are only an emergency if the unit in question prevents you, your staff, clients or your family from being able to use a toilet or an essential drain.

If this is the case, these are definitely emergencies as you will want to get a clogged toilet fixed as soon as possible to prevent sewage backup, which is a health hazard.

Let’s take a further look at each of these problems.

When to call the drainage experts

Blocked Drains

Most people start to notice that something is amiss when they get hit by a bad smell coming from their drains. This is caused by a build-up of residue that begins to petrify over time.

These decaying substances, which are caught in the pipes below, release putrid odours as bacteria begins to breed and multiply on the particles that have remained stagnant for long periods of time.

Overflowing Toilets

Even if you have only one toilet overflowing, this needs to be addressed quickly to avoid the risk of a serious health hazard spreading across your business or home.

An overflowing toilet typically indicates either a burst pipe or a sewage backup, so this needs to be addressed quickly to prevent flood risk and the spread of bacteria.

A drainage plumber can immediately inspect the piping connecting to the toilet, and diagnose and fix the problem to ensure all the water is contained and does not leak into the rest of the home.

Sewer Backups

A sewage backup is probably one of the most severe of all plumbing problems that immediately necessitates an emergency.

It can be a large issue or something like a small leak, small drip, or blockage that is causing sewage to spill out into the home or your garden.

Either way, it is crucial to have this problem addressed with urgency since sewer water contains a range of dangerous bacteria, viruses, and even diseases.

This problem could have been gestating for quite some time before it became noticeable through smelly drains, and therefore, an emergency plumbing technician can address the entire problem with a comprehensive fix.

At KJC Drainage, even if the problem is not visible at first, we can use CCTV drain surveys to investigate mysterious blockages and inspect your pipework.

For more information on what you should do if you have a sewage smell in your house, check out our blog!

What causes a blocked drain?

Blocked drains are primarily caused by clogged pipes. This process can come from debris accumulation over long periods of time or, the frequent depositing of material into a drain that is bound to cause clogs.

Hair, food, fat and grease, soap and shampoo, or any other solid material can lead to a blocked drain. The best preventative method to take would be to limit the deposits of these types of substances into the drain.

An emergency drainage expert can immediately investigate the plumbing system and get to work unblocking the drain with experience and specialised equipment.

The last thing you want to be doing is attempting to use over-the-counter plumbing products as this could result in more damage than good.

So, if you need your drains unblocking fast, call KJC Drainage.

Do drains get blocked naturally?

Drains get blocked all the time. And whilst the most common issues for internal pipes and drains are down to products that we use and flush away, external drains can often get blocked naturally due to the surrounding environment.

For example, flash floods can cause a real emergency. They are unpredictable in nature and can occur in a manner of minutes and if your drainage system can not cope, due to leaves, branches and wildlife this could result in a serious drainage problem.

Tree roots are another natural nuisance that cause drains to block, as they are frequently growing and expanding underground in search of adequate moisture.

Just like all structural equipment, drainage pipes can break or loosen over time due to frequent ground instability and equipment degradation. This can result in water leaking through or water backing up in the pipe with nowhere else to go.


Why would I need an emergency plumber?

There are some plumbing issues that can in fact be handled with everyday plumbing equipment or over-the-counter products that can fix common issues. But there are some serious matters that you simply cannot fix on your own and attempting to solve the situation could even cause further damage.

For example, you could inadvertently cause additional water damage to the structure of your house, damage a water valve, or make a blockage even worse than what it was before you started to tinker with the issue.

Therefore, calling an emergency plumbing technician can prevent any and all of these possible problems from getting out of hand.

Who is responsible for blocked drains tenant or landlord?

If you are renting a property, it is important that you know who is responsible for looking after and maintaining the drains, in order to avoid any unexpected bills or charges.

As stated in the Landlord and Tennant Act 1985, it is the landlord’s responsibility to maintain the drainage, pipes and other areas of plumbing as the homeowner.

Therefore, if you are experiencing drainage issues, you should contact your landlord immediately.

If a drain becomes blocked through tenant misuse however, then the tenant is liable for the cost of repairs.

To find out more about landlord/tenant accountability, check out our informative guide – ‘Who is responsible for blocked drains?

Do emergency plumbers work at night?

If the plumbing service you are looking at offers a 24-hour service, then yes, that means this plumbing company works overnight.

At KJC Drainage, we have a dedicated team that handles primetime and overnight shift drainage and plumbing emergencies across Gosport and the Hampshire area.

This service can respond to nearly all major drainage issues, both small or large, and can have the issues resolved as quickly as possible.

If you have a drainage or plumbing emergency, then don’t delay, give us a call today on 01329 310630 / 07496 771999

Why choose KJC Drainage for your drainage emergency?

At KJC Draining we pride ourselves on our reputation for being an honest, trustworthy, professional, family-run plumbing and drainage business.

Utilising our 21 years of experience to tackle and resolve any emergency drainage issue, we offer free quotations and advice and provide an emergency 24/7 response service.

We understand the upheaval that a block drain crisis can bring and the importance of getting everything back up and running as quickly as possible. Our friendly staff always seek to undertake work to the highest of standards and we are fully insured and Checkatrade accredited.

When drainage problems occur, give us a call or fill out this contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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