How to Pressure Wash a Driveway or Patio

how to pressure wash drive or patio

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Random and cosmetic sprays along a patio or driveway work well to keep these areas clear of debris and dirt, but for a truly shining and clean driveway or patio, pressure washing is a must. Pressure washing is a superb way to give a driveway or patio a fresh, pristine look and the process is generally easy, but a professional service can ensure that either surface area will look just as new as the day you moved into your home.

Step-by-step guide to pressure washing a driveway or patio

For expert driveway and patio cleaning in Portsmouth, the crew at KJC Drainage will follow a comprehensive step-by-step process to leave your driveway and patio cleaned, degreased, and expertly sealed to keep the pavement in a luminous condition with a tried and trusted service plan.


The service team will begin the prep process after an assessment. This will start with assessing if your driveway or patio leads into any entryways into your home. If this is the case, the team will use a combination of tarping and door covers to keep the water and chemicals from entering the home. Then, a full sweeping process will begin to remove any dirt and debris which could make a mess of the yard or house due to the powerful pressure of the hose.

The last step before the washing phase is the application of degreaser and stain removal chemicals to the pavement. These products will be scrubbed into the pavement to loosen any stubborn vehicle exhaust and to penetrate deep into stains to make them looser and ready to be washed away.

The final stage in the prep process will be the assembly of the pressure washer. The service team will choose the right nozzles and applicators based upon the condition of the driveway or patio. Once the right applicator is chosen, the wand will be attached to your garden hose and the area is now ready to be washed.

The Washing Process

Before the cleaning process can begin, the service team will load the washer with an applicable detergent, based upon the needs of the particular driveway or patio. The detergent will work to extract dirt, grime, and grease from the pavement. With the combination of the detergent and the power of the pressurised water, even UV damage can be reversed. The team will then begin to cover the area in the detergent with a sweeping motion to ensure that every crevice is saturated in the chemicals.

Once the detergent has been applied with frequent overlaps to ensure that the chemical has penetrated into the concrete, this will usually be left to sit and soak for ten to fifteen minutes. After a soaking period, the team will then begin the pressure washing process. Using a rinse setting, with the highest pressure setting, the team will start from the top of the area and work their way towards the bottom using a sweeping motion.

The power of the pressurised water will both deeply ingrain the chemical into the surface and simultaneously rinse it away. For surface areas that are heavily stained, the service team will likely make overlapping sweeps with the hose a few times to ensure that stains and sun damage are completely washed away.


After the rinsing process is complete, your driveway or patio has now been successfully pressure washed. The great benefit yet to be applied is the use of a sealant. The service team will apply a special chemical coating to the pavement with a paint roller once the surface is completely dry. After twenty-four hours, your driveway or patio is ready-to-use again, with the added benefit of being protected from future stains and sun damage.

The process for pressure washing a driveway or patio is fairly simple, but it is always a good idea to hire a professional company for the job to ensure you are receiving world-class service in addition to the latest supply of innovative products on the market. With just a few simple steps, a pressure washing crew can have your driveway or patio looking just as pristine and shiny as the day you moved in, as well as to prevent future damage.

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