How to Pressure Wash Decking

how to pressure wash a wooden deck

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Guide To Pressure Washing A Wooden Deck

Pressure washing offers an efficient and easy way to keep exterior surfaces shiny, clean, sanitised, and looking as new as possible throughout the years. Not all decking is created equal. Most decks are made of wood and this can present some problems with hard water and harsh chemicals causing wood expansion. Thankfully, pressure washing a deck is achievable with absolutely no negative results if the right kind of chemicals meets a skilled process.

KJC’s pressure washing service ensures that the right set of products is used to match the material of your deck in conjunction with the right pressure to avoid damaging most wood types. The process for deck pressure washing can be broken down in a few simple steps.

Prepare Your Pressure Washer

Since wood decking can be a very sensitive surface regarding pressure washing, picking just the right nozzle and speed of pressure is crucial to avoid any potential water damage. A fifteen-degree nozzle is a good nozzle to start with as this will allow a strong and thorough initial cleaning of the deck.

It is important to remove as much surface debris off of the deck to make the actual pressure washing deeper and more accessible to lifting tough grime. A rotating nozzle is also a good nozzle to consider as this will allow the water to rotate in a circular pattern which increases debris removal by a substantial margin.

Choose Detergent and Begin Washing

Our service team may choose to utilise a detergent for decks that have deeply ingrained grime or stains, otherwise, wood decking doesn’t necessarily need detergent. Although some detergent and cleaners are specially formulated for wood, there is always a greater risk of damaging wood with cleaners than there would be with concrete.

Once the detergent has been applied with frequent overlaps to ensure that the chemical has penetrated into the deck, this will usually be left to sit and soak for ten to fifteen minutes. After a soaking period, the team will then begin the pressure washing process. Using a rinse setting, with the highest pressure setting, the team will start from the top of the area and work their way towards the bottom using a sweeping motion.

Again, the use of detergent for wood decking is completely optional, but if your deck is badly stained, it would actually be a good option to consider. The washing process for wood decking may take a bit longer than concrete since the process will need to be watched closely to ensure that no damage is being caused to the wood.

Protect your decking

After the washing process is complete and the deck has completed drying, applying staining and sealant is optional. Most wood decks will look as good as new after a good pressure washing; however, a sealant or protective reviving product, such as those created by the company Osmo, is certainly beneficial products to add to your deck.

A sealant will certainly be recommended for the aforementioned restorative properties it provides in addition to an added level of protection for your deck from future stains or sun damage. Our service team will apply a special chemical coating to the wood decking with a paint roller once the surface is completely dry. After twenty-four hours, your deck is ready-to-use again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Ok to Pressure Wash a Wood Deck?

Pressure washing a wood deck is really a roll of the dice as far as those who think it should be done regularly and those who feel that it isn’t necessary as long as the deck is taken care of. The growth of fungus and discolouration are two problems that frequently can ravage wood decking, therefore, your deck should be pressure washed, especially if the deck is under direct sunlight.

The main thing to prevent any damage from pressure washing to the wood is to make sure the washing process is conducted with adequate distance between the nozzle and the deck. The power of the water can warp or water-log the wood if the process is not done correctly. Overall, if the process id performed correctly, it is completely safe to pressure wash a wood deck.

Should You Pressure Wash a Deck Before Staining?

Staining is a great benefit to add to a wood deck as it truly brings out a luminous colour and shine. Staining is also a great way to waterproof a wood deck, which adds an extra layer of protection in addition to bringing out the best of the deck’s colours. Cleaning and pressure washing a deck before staining is absolutely necessary.

You do not want to apply staining to a dirty deck as this will set into the stain and not be the slightest bit alluring. Also, if any grime is stuck to the deck to begin with, applying staining will simply make the grime look good, as opposed to the wood.

How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your Deck?

Pressure washing a wood deck is not necessarily bad for the wood decking; however, you should only aim to perform this procedure maybe once per year at the most. Wood is very sensitive to hard, powerful water and you do not want to repeatedly pressure wash the deck as this could indeed damage the wood.

In Summary

Pressure washing wood decking is just as easy a process as pressure washing concrete. Adding staining or sealant to the deck after the process will have the deck looking as new as it was the day you had it installed. Allow our dedicated team of professionals to bring back the splendour to your deck. We can service most areas all along the South Coast.

You may also be interested in our pressure washing and jet cleaning service in Hampshire. Call or complete our contact form for a free quote.

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