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Any drainage system when working correctly in your home will help to efficiently carry away all the waste from different sources without any complication or fuss. However, there are times especially when you least expect it when your drainage can get blocked. 

Although blockage of your drainage system is not entirely unavoidable, they can at times be preventable. One way you can help prevent blockages is to understand the most popular sources of drain blockages in your home.

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Looking for an expert to help you with a tricky plumbing problem in Hayling Island? Here at KJC Drainage based in Gosport, our dedicated team members are well equipped with a range of top-notch skills. Contrary to popular belief, unblocking a drain is not always as clean-cut or simple as it may seem. When your pipes stop working unexpectedly, there could be a wide variety of things that may have caused the problem.

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CCTV drain surveys and investigations

That’s where our team comes in. It’s our job to investigate the blockage thoroughly and figure out just what’s gone wrong. Since we have years of industry experience, we have seen our fair share of plumbing and drainage problems. Once we identify the cause, we can offer a high-quality CCTV drain survey service. Time is of the essence. It’s our aim to quickly get rid of any congestion in your drains and pipes.

Clearing and unblocking drains across Hampshire

Using a plethora of skills, expertise, and talents, our specialists will work to solve the problem. Once you drop us a line, we will send a team member to your home as soon as we can. If you have a blocked drain in Waterlooville, we’re on hand to help you out.

You can trust us to offer a professional and easy-to-access service. If you need drains unblocking in Hampshire or the surrounding areas, then think KJC Drainage. Give us a call today on 01329 310630 / 07496 771999 or complete our online contact form for a free, no obligation quote, and we’ll get back to you with our best available price and free, no-obligation, advice.

Common causes of blocked drains in Hayling Island

Bathroom pipes blocked: Most of the waste-water from your home will always come from the toilet. It is no surprise that your bathroom holds the highest risk of experiencing a drain blockage. The bathtub, toilet, shower, and sink will always be in frequent use. It is therefore advisable that you try your best to ensure that the drain system in your bathroom is well maintained. Below are some of the favorite sources of bathroom drain blockage:

Foreign items: any item ranging from kids toys to any object that cannot be flushed can block the drain pipes.

Toiletries: Sanitary items never break down when flushed down the toilet. They will instead mix with the grime they come across in the pipes building up to block the drain.

Hair in drains: It is essential that you always watch out for anything you are flushing. Carry out the frequent cleaning of the pipes to reduce pile-up of general dirt and soap scum. When washing your hair make sure that they don’t go down the drain.

Fat and grease build up: You can create a thick drain blockage when you pour cooking fats, food waste and cooking oils down the drain line. Although you might not think much when mixing some of the washing liquid flowing down the drain, the fact is that cooking waste and grease will always be a prime suspect when it comes to any drain blockages.

The majority of the nastiest fatbergs are due to the use of kitchen sinks as a catch-all for fat and waste food. It is therefore essential that you dispose of any solid waste before you start working on the cooking equipment and dishes. Carrying out the frequent cleaning of your kitchen sink will help in preventing it from getting clogged.

Outside drains blocked: Dealing with exterior blockages of pipes can be very difficult at times. It can take you some time before you notice that something is going lopsided. You need to ensure that you keep your nose out of any telltale sewage smell that is coming from the cover of the drain.

Although the remains from outside can easily lead to Blocked Drains in Hayling Island, other sources can also come into play. Tree roots and leaves, for instance, are capable of causing pipes to be severely damaged. Whenever this happens, you will have to hire us to carry out the survey and help unearth the extent of the blockage.

Reviews from our Checkatrade customers in Hayling Island

Please take a moment to read our reviews and testimonials from Checkatrade. We are proud to be a local drainage company and work hard to maintain our reputation.
Build of new soak away on communal green.
“We are a private estate and therefore have to maintain our own soak aways. K J C Drainage did a brilliant job.”
Customer in Hayling Island
New soakaway / new drain surrounds and laying a small patio.
“This is the second time I have used this company. I can only say that the work is of an outstanding standard. Any problems were quickly rectified. Highly recommended, would use again.”
Customer in Chichester
Cleared drain.
“Very quick and efficient.”
Customer in Hayling Island

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