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Explore exactly what drain jetting is and how this procedure can be beneficial for clearing out a blocked drain. Read on to discover more about this process that we offer right here at KJC Drainage.

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What Is Jetting a Drain?

Drain jetting is a procedure that uses high pressure water to clear out blocked drains, as well as for proper cleaning of a drainage system. Drain jetting is simple in its concept, yet there are many processes that must be adhered to for an effective drain jet procedure to be successful, including having proper jetting equipment.

Drainage jetting is an optimal procedure for blocked drains due to the flexibility of the jetting hose, which can contour to a wide range of corners and tight spaces, as opposed to bulkier equipment. It takes an adequate amount of experience to effectively navigate the jetting hose, therefore a CCTV drain survey is also beneficial during the jetting process to have an effective visual guide during the process.

Additionally, the water pressure needs to be powerful enough to remove the debris causing the blocked drain. The nozzle attached to the hose effectively increases the water pressure to a point where the high pressure water can shoot out of the nozzle with enough power to move debris.

Drain jetting services are highly recommended when standard techniques simply are not removing a blockage. Water is a powerful element, and when you add high pressure water to the procedure, the results can be immediately successful.

How Does Drain Jetting Work?

This water jetting service works by using four essential items to provide for a successful water jetting experience:

  • Water Tanks
  • A jetting hose
  • A jetting nozzle
  • High pressure water

Each of these four items all play a key part in water jetting.

Water Tanks

A large amount of water may be needed to effectively provide this service, therefore, water tanks are brought in to ensure that an adequate supply is on hand based on the length or severity of the drain blockage. A typical drainage system is usually built to withstand a constant influx of water, therefore the quantity needed to ensure that jetting is effective is supplied by the large tank.

Jetting Hose

The hose used for this service is designed to be flexible and to adhere to the contours of the drainage piping. Additionally, the hose needs to be able to withstand powerful streams of water pressure, which is why a hose is made of durable material to withstand the pressure.

The hose is long enough to stretch through an extensive drainage system, which can also bend easily to the many drains that piping leads to. A hose isn’t too thick or thin, yet the material is made to withstand the pressure that courses through it.

Jetting Nozzle

A good drain jetting nozzle should be able to penetrate, flush, and clean. Since drains can be dirty along with having a clog causing a blockage, a good nozzle will be able to penetrate deep into the debris causing the blockage to effectively flush the debris away.

The jetting nozzle will stream the water into a tight concentration when it flows, which makes the debris scatter into many smaller pieces to be flushed away properly. Additionally, a jetting nozzle will also provide cleaning services to a drain by removing the collected grime off of the piping walls.

A good nozzle can make or break a drain jetting service, therefore, it is crucial to have a nozzle that can penetrate, flush, and clean simultaneously.

High Pressure Water

The final item needed is water that is concentrated at an incredibly high pressure; not high enough to damage the piping, but certainly high enough to remove stubborn blockages.

The nozzle is ineffective without a powerful stream of water to run through it, which is why the hose needs to be able to stream powerful pressure.

The process for this service is pretty simple, yet each part needs to work at an optimal capacity to be truly effective in removing blockages. Now that you know how the process works, you are likely wondering about the price of this service.

How Much Does Drain Jetting Cost?

Drains can typically be jetted for a reasonable price, yet additional services may also be needed, such as a CCTV drain survey to pinpoint exactly where the blockage is occurring in the piping. If your drains are severely blocked, the services may increase in price.

In terms of a general estimate for the cost of these services, £100-350 pounds is an adequate field of possibility to expect. Cost is always based on the severity of the job, but this procedure is certainly worth it to prevent any possible future services that could be much more complex.

Why Use KJC Drainage For Your Drain Jetting?

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Our skilled team of drainage professionals bring years of experience and accuracy to a wide range of drainage issues, with drain jetting being one of the many services that we consistently review and practice to ensure that we get the job done correctly, no matter how small or severe the blockage may be. In fact, we will begin assessing the blockage the moment you call us to adequately gauge the best possible initial quote to provide you with peace of mind.

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This procedure saves a lot of time and potential costs due to its effective dislodging and cleaning capabilities. Allow us at KJC Drainage provide our top tier customer service and skilled technical prowess for this and any other drainage issue you may be experiencing.

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