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Getting Rid of Rats in Drains

Rats are an industrious species of pests that have some unique ways of entering into a home to find food and shelter. You likely do not want to hear this, yet it is important to know that rats can not only live in drains but also use drains to enter and exit a home or business any time of the day or night. With this in mind, are there any plumbing services or equipment that can tell if drains are infested with rats?

CCTV Drain Surveys for Rats

If you suspect that your drainage system is harboring rats, a CCTV drainage survey is a great way to inspect your drainage system to both discover if rats or present and to find out how they are accessing your drains. This procedure is certain to discover the presence of rats in drains. 

Complete Drainage Pest Control Service

We also work in partnership with a local pest control company so we can offer you a complete pest control solution for getting rid of rats and other pests that may be entering your home via drains and other access points.
rats in drains pest control services

Rats and Drainage Systems: An Overview

Rats have long been dwellers of sewers and drainage systems. The moist, underground passageways provide the rodents with numerous entryways to enter homes and businesses, as well as lots of waste matter for the rats to feed on when other food sources run dry.

It’s not too hard to imagine since rats are popular for being associated with sewers. Rats prefer to remain hidden in the shadows, which is why traveling underground through drains is such an attractive and safe space for the rodents to make their way into homes and buildings.

The physical capabilities of rats are truly astonishing; running and climbing both horizontally and vertically across pipes, drains, and along surfaces are just some of the ways that rats can use drains to their advantage. In addition to these capabilities, rats can also swim up to half a mile across the water in one go and even dive through the water to enter exposed pipes.

If drains are not properly rat-proofed, this can explain why you may notice the evidence of rats in your home but can never find a nest. The rats are simply using your home for food when they need it and crawling out through the drains when they get what they want.

Are There Any Drainage Services That Can Find Rats?

It is nearly impossible to crawl through drainage pipes just to try and see if rats are living in the drains. Apart from not being able to easily access drains, it can also be difficult to find the rodents, who will likely run away if they hear or see human beings in their dwelling.

Thankfully, there are ways in which a drainage professional can do a full scan of your underground drains to look for evidence of rats. A CCTV Drain Survey is a method that can use video technology to probe your drains and look for rats.

How Do CCTV Surveys Work?

CCTV surveys are commonly used to survey drainage issues via a live feed that allows a visual inspection of drainage issues to save the hassle of digging in areas that are unnecessary to fix the drain malfunction. CCTV inspections are usually applied to common drainage problems to assure that the correct diagnosis is assessed.

CCTV drain surveys are particularly beneficial to buyers interested in homes or businesses to receive a full inspection of the drainage system, regardless of if there are any drain issues occurring. A drainage professional will usually suggest which procedure is needed to either tackle a problem or form a comprehensive drainage report.

Having a drain survey performed is always a good method since this will bring the condition of the drainage system into full view. Alternatively, a CCTV survey can also be used to identify virtually anything that is inside of a drainage system, including rats.

This process is really a one-stop-shop for all of the possible drainage issues that can come with the presence of rats. Rodents will usually find a way into a home through broken or burst pipes, which with a CCTV survey, can diagnose the presence of rats in the drainage system and locate areas of drainage that need to be fixed.

How Can Rats Be Removed From My Drains?

Once a CCTV survey has discovered the presence of rodents in your drains, there are numerous options available to you for getting rid of the rats and fixing any malfunctioned drains, as well as preventative measures to keep them out.

The best and most humane method of fixing the problem is to rely on the installation of rat-proofing and blocking mechanisms. These devices are installed in multiple ways to prevent rats from climbing up and across drains as well as blocking drains with rat-proof blockages that prevent the rats from entering the drains and then finding their way inside of the home.

Alternatively, poisons and baits are a bit less effective since there are no guarantees that the rodents are going to eat the poison or even come across it. Rat removal is also difficult in drainage systems due to the enclosed spaces that make it difficult to adequately capture and remove the rats in such a tiny space.

Damaged Drains

The next hiccup in this procedure is the possibility that the rats are entering your home due to drains that have collapsed or malfunctioned in some way. These issues will need to be addressed first if you ever hope to stop the rats from entering your home.

Rodents and insects can appear out of nowhere sometimes, but if you have never had a problem and suddenly start noticing them, this could be a sign of an attractive food or moisture source. A collapsed drain means that water is backing up into the home from the ground.

Cockroaches and rats will thrive due to this easy access to an abundance of water. These two pests are ubiquitous in sewer systems, which supply them with both food and water.

Alternatively, rats could be causing the damage to the drains themselves by chewing through the drain lining to find an entryway into the home. In this case, pipe repair or replacement is a viable choice, with drainage patch kits being a viable fix if you do not wish to have the pipe completely removed and replaced.

Once the drains are repaired, the process of installing rat-proofing procedures can take place which will prevent the rodent from reentering the piping as easily as they did the first time.

Are There Other Pests That Can Infest Drains?

Unfortunately, rodents are not the only pest that can infest drains or use drains as an easy entryway into your home. Cockroaches are perhaps even more of a problem in drains than even rats.

Cockroaches can breed and live in sewers and drains much more easily than rats, which with their tiny size makes them particularly difficult to prevent climbing into drains and entering your home. Finding cockroaches can also be achieved with a CCTV drain survey but you will likely already know if roaches are coming in and out of your drains.

Fighting against cockroaches can also prove to be a bit easier than the procedures needing to be implemented for rats. Poisons and bait traps can be very effective when it comes to destroying a cockroach infestation in drains.

However, it is a bit more difficult to keep them out of drains and especially more difficult to keep them from squeezing into small spaces through the pipes to enter the home. A pest control professional, in conjunction with a drainage specialist can tackle this problem effectively.

For a quick solution to ease the infestation before technicians arrive, you can try some safe home remedies to try and keep the roaches away:

  • Hot water. Run hot water down your drains for about 10 minutes and then follow this with a pot of boiling water mixed with a few teaspoons of baking soda and vinegar. This will kill any roaches that are near the drain and as far down as a few feet.
  • Boric Acid. You can spread boric acid around your drains to greet the cockroaches as soon as they emerge. Boric acid is generally safe and cockroaches will not know that it is poison.

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