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KJC Drainage can assist with any groundworks required for new drainage.

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If you need a new driveway, patio, permeable paving or plumbing system installed, then KJC Drainage can assist. Providing affordable groundworks solutions to both residential and commercial customers, we understand the importance of balancing aesthetic landscaping with drainage requirements.

Over the years, our team of drainage engineers and landscaping experts have been working together to deliver stunning exterior designs which are not only eye catching but offer practical plumbing benefits too.

Groundworks for residential and commercial customers

KJC Drainage specialise in groundworks projects of all sizes and offer solutions from natural drainage to prevent standing water, to advanced trenching and excavating technologies.

Some of the groundwork services we provide across Hampshire include:

The importance of groundworks

When we undertake groundworks projects for you, we can advise on…


A soakaway is a hole that is made in the ground that allows surface water, gutters and downpipes to drain in to. Once collected, the soakaway gradually filters this water back into the ground. However, if the soakaway becomes blocked, clogged or simply has too much water infiltrating through it, there is a chance it might flood. At KJC Drainage, we are experts in excavating, re-excavating and clearing soakaways so that they work more efficiently.

Block paving, patios and driveways

Block paving, patios and driveways can create stable and comfortable outdoor surfaces for you to enjoy and can provide a safe yet clean place to park. However, standing water can quickly cause substantial damage to these surfaces. Thanks to the professional groundworks contractors from KJC Drainage, we can install water drainage solutions to prevent this from becoming an issue.

Permeable paving

Most types of paving are laid with the intention of free standing water making its way to nearby drains. However, unless this surface is on a slope then large puddles are likely to appear. Failure to drain a pavement properly can cause problems. At KJC Drainage we use permeable paving to encourage natural infiltration and prevent flooding from occurring.

Why choose KJC Drainage for your groundworks?

Here at KJC Drainage in Gosport, our experienced groundworks contractors can deliver an inclusive service to suit the needs of your property.

With over 21 years’ experience, our groundworks contractors are well-accomplished when it comes to solving commercial and residential complex drainage issues. From eliminating standing water to preventing structural damage, laying permeable paving and redirecting pipes across your property, we can provide an efficient service at a cost effective price.

Dedicated to training our staff to the highest standards, fully insured and constantly investing in the latest technologies, we are proud to offer a comprehensive service that is Checkatrade accredited.

For more information on our groundworks services, get in touch with our professional team at KJC Drainage today.

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