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Sewers are complex systems of essential piping that adequately transport waste for residential and business properties. We all rely on a healthy sewage system but maintenance and repairs are often needed to keep sewers running effectively.

Many of the sewers in the UK date to the Victorian Era, which presents a large range of recurring problems with waste and foul water drainage based on these outdated constructions. When these sewer systems back up, hiring a reliable and knowledgeable sewer maintenance team is essential for both your property and your health.

Blockages are very common in sewage pipes; this can be from environmental issues outside of your control like heavy rains and floods or improper disposal of products through the sewer lines from your home. Whatever the cause, it is important to know what comes with sewer cleaning and maintenance and how we can help solve this problem.

What is a sewer service?

There are major differences between the water flowing through your drains and the sewage that flows out from your home. Drain and sewer services sometimes accompany one another because most of the problems seen with drains are caused by some kind of sewage flow.

The waste that flows out of your sewer lines flows all the way to the public sewer services that treat and redistribute the water. Sewage vs. sewerage are two terms that can cause some confusion, therefore it is important to remember that sewage is the waste carried away by your property’s sewer lines to sewerage treatment facilities.

Since repairs can be handled by different entities based on what is causing the problem, issues with your home’s sewage lines are what primarily matters to a homeowner.

This is almost always a blockage or possibly a mechanical failure of your drainage pipes when removing the sewage. Let’s take a look at both problems.

Sewage Blockages

One of the most common problems with sewage blockage is environmental factors that directly cause blockages and backups. During heavy rains, the pipes under your property can become overwhelmed as the main sewer system becomes backed up with a large excess of water that can cause sewage to back up into the drains in and around your home.

These sewer blockages can also come from the disposal of improper items into the drainage system, such as fats and grease, large amounts of paper, and other solid objects not meant to pass through the drainage system.

Drain Malfunction

In other situations, the pipes under your home that lead out to the main sewer system can erode or break over time, which can cause sewage to back up into the home. This will require immediate professional attention to repair the faulty pipes to stop the sewage back up.

A sewer service will check for any and all of these possible problems to ensure that the issue can get resolved in a timely fashion. A range of methods is available to both diagnose and tackle the problem.

What Sewer Problems Does KJC Work On?

Since blockages and pipe malfunctions are almost always the major problems that arise with sewer issues, we here at KJC Drainage are committed to assessing the full scale of the problem first to ensure an immediate fix. A comprehensive and cost-effective CCTV drain survey is always the best method to diagnose a problem to get a full report on the inner features of the piping.

Once this process allows us to grasp the full-scale of the problem, drain jetting is a powerful tool we use to completely clear out any blockages, with the possibility of drain relining to fix any damaged pipes without the need for burdensome excavations within your yard.

What Can We Do to Repair or Replace Your Sewer?

With CCTV drain surveys, drain jetting, drain relining, and even drain testing to ensure the proper function of your sewage system, we can repair virtually any problem that besets the proper functioning of your sewage lines. If a full replacement is needed, we pride ourselves on always ensuring the most cost-effective replacement options based on your budget.

Why choose KJC Drainage?

KJC Drainage has one overriding mission: to provide your home or business with only the best possible drainage services at a fair price with superior customer service and expert knowledge. We are a family-owned and operated business with over 20 years of field experience and we guarantee our work.

You should choose us because we pride ourselves on properly diagnosing the exact cause of drainage or sewage issues. We do not believe in cutting corners and making a quick guess that could lead to further problems down the road: we get it right the first time out.

Contact Us for Drain and Sewer Services

For the best drain unblocking in Portsmouth, contact us today to allow our drainage specialists to diagnose the culprit of your drainage problems for a speedy and thorough fix to your piping’s sewage problems. We strongly advise against trying to clear a blockage yourself as DIY equipment and chemicals can cause further damage to your pipes, which will only act as a temporary solution, and may be harmful to your health.

At KJC Drainage, we have years of experience and the latest tools and technology for unblocking your drains. We give you peace of mind at the outset by taking the time to examine the full-scale of the problem before our specialists work until the problem is fixed.

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