The Most Common Signs of Drainage Problems

drainage problems signs

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Drainage Problems and Signs to look for

Drains and the wider drainage systems that surround them are vital to our everyday lives. Although drains are important, it can sometimes be easy to forget that we never see the beneficial purposes that these systems perform.

Like all infrastructure, drains are frequently susceptible to problems. Clogs, cracks, degradation over time, as well as intrusions and total collapse are all variables that come with drains.

Quickly and correctly addressing these problems when they arise will ensure that the drains in your home remain operating at maximum efficiency. This guide will explore the most common drainage problems, the causes, and remedies to correct the problem.

Clogged and Blocked Drains

The most universal of all drainage problems is also one of the most noticeable to home and business owners. When a drain becomes blocked, water is unable to flow smoothly through the drainage system.

This causes backup and ineffective water removal into the basin above. This process can come from debris accumulation over long periods of time or, the frequent depositing of material into a drain that is bound to cause clogs.

Hair, food, fat and grease, soap and shampoo, or any other solid material can lead to a clogged drain. The best preventative method to take would be to limit the deposits of these types of substances into the drain.

The best remedy for a clogged drain is to contact a blocked drain company in Portsmouth, based upon the severity and stubbornness of the clog. Some clogs may be remedied with DIY measures, such as cleaning the p-trap of a drain; however, the method of removing the clog should be diagnosed by a professional, especially if the problem frequently occurs.

Clogged shower drains can be more problematic to fix due to the structuring of the drains being frequently obscured and inaccessible. In this type of situation, a drain auger (snake) may be the only tool that can unclog the drain.

For clogged exterior drains, the culprit is usually debris such as leaves and mud that have overrun the drainage system, thereby causing a backup. Outside drains are just as vital as interior drains and clogs should never be ignored.

Subsidence is a possible risk factor for frequently clogged exterior drains. This occurs when blockages are frequently left untreated, leading to weakened foundations due to frequent ground saturation.

Broken Drain Pipes

Drains are connected to a complex system of drainage pipes that connect the wastewater to the wider sewage system. Like all structural equipment, drainage pipes can break or loosen over time due to frequent ground instability and equipment degradation.

Once a drainage pipe breaks or loosens, wastewater begins to collect in the surrounding area and in some instances can cause a backup. The wastewater has nowhere else to go but outside of the pipe intrusion.

This can be an alarming diagnosis, however, the days of completely excavating through the ground to fix the break are not always the case, since relining is sometimes a viable alternative. This problem has to be fixed in order to stop the drainage problem and has no viable DIY alternative available for a simple fix.

Oftentimes this problem can be small-in-scale, and patching of the broken pipe could be a quick remedy. In more severe cases, the broken piping will certainly need to be fixed to avoid complete drainage collapse.

Object Intrusions

It may be okay to think that nothing could possibly intrude within a drain, however, tree roots and even dead animals are frequently reported to cause drainage problems. These occurrences can lead to drain backup and pipe failure if the intrusion remains for a long period of time.

Tree roots are frequently growing and expanding underground in search of adequate moisture. Drains have this in abundance, which can cause root systems to continually apply pressure to the pipes until the root system completely intrudes into the pipe.

Weakened joint systems along the edges of the piping are also easily breached by root systems. Over time, the roots will continue to expand throughout the interior of the piping causing blockages and pipe failure.

An intrusion must be removed in order for the drainage problems to subside. This can be done with augering to break up the intruding object, which can then be flushed and with high-pressure equipment. Measures to repair any damaged pipes are also likely in these circumstances due to the possible bursting of the pipes due to the intrusion of the object.

signs of collapsed drains

Drain Collapse

The most severe drainage problem is undoubtedly a complete drainage collapse. This process occurs when one or more pipes within the drainage system are collapsed and no longer transport wastewater throughout the system.

This means that the wastewater is completely pooling into the ground or worse, within close proximity to the home or business. This is bad news due to the structural problems that can be caused by an overflow of water into surrounding foundations.

A drainage collapse can also be as severe as having the wastewater collect inside of walls and immediately surrounding the area of a structure. Subsidence is also likely due to the massive amounts of wastewater that can collect if the collapse is left unaddressed for long periods of time.

In addition to possible health concerns, these are not ideal circumstances, which is why an immediate remedy to the problem is crucial. Consultation with a drainage professional is essential to fix this problem.

The problem can typically be diagnosed by the usage of a CCTV exploration of the drainage system. Once a collapsed drain is diagnosed as the problem, relining and in some circumstances, a full excavation of the drainage system is likely to be used to fix the issue.

A collapsed drain is bound to happen at some point in time, therefore, it doesn’t always mean there was some measure on your part that caused the collapse. Regardless of the reason, the drainage system will need to be repaired and quicker is always better in this particular circumstance.

This occurrence represents the worst-case scenario among all of the possible signs of drainage problems. Although getting this news is not good, fixing the problem will provide peace of mind due to the update of the faulty system.

What Can I Do If I Experience These Drainage Problems?

Contact KJC Drainage today to receive the best and most innovative drainage assessments for all of the above-mentioned drainage problems. With a rapid response, 24-hour emergency consultation team ready to provide consultation, you do not have to wait to get answers for a drainage issue!

With over 20 years of combined experience and a team of drainage professionals ready to tackle any drainage issue affecting your home or business, KJC Drainage prides itself on providing the most comprehensive and cost-effective treatment options for a wide array of drainage issues.

Drain blockages, intrusions, leaks, and drainage malfunctions are treated with proven and trusted techniques to remedy any drainage issue, no matter how simple or complex. A full guarantee for your property is provided to give you peace of mind against any possible future issues.

Immediate help is only a call or email away and the stress of having to live with a drainage problem is also immediately limited just by reaching out.

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