Surface Water Drainage

surface water drainage

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Rainfall is simply an accepted and undeniable part of living in the UK but the charges that come from the accumulation of rainwater that drains from your property are never fun to receive. Surface water can accumulate in many different ways, and this guide will explore what exactly surface water is and ways to check where this water drains towards.

What Is Surface Water Drainage?

Surface water drainage is simply the accumulation of rainwater that collects on a property and escapes to nearby drains to collect in the sewer system. This water can drain off of rooftops and flow from yards into the surrounding environment.

Washing a car or watering a garden can also account for surface water drainage. Virtually any type of water that drains away from a property outside of the regular drainage system can be considered surface water drainage.

Surface water drainage can be a problem if the water is not draining properly into the nearby sewer system. Additionally, there is a charge for surface water drainage that is collected through the water bill for your property.

Water treatment companies treat collected surface water and return it back to the regular water system and charge the applicable property for the treatment services.

In terms of surface water drainage charges, the installation of a soakaway is one factor that can eliminate this charge. A soakaway is a pit that is filled with stones and a plastic covering that collects surface water and distributes back into your garden or lawn through small pipes or holes.

Additionally, if you can prove that the surface water that is draining from your property is not going into the public sewer system, you can apply for a surface water drainage rebate to avoid paying the costs for surface water drainage.

How Do I Know Where My Surface Water Drains To?

If your property is connected to a nearby sewage system, which most properties are, you can inspect surface water drainage during rainfall or by running a water hose on your property and watching where the surface water drains to. If you do not have a soakaway installed, this will almost always lead to the nearby sewage system.

If the surface water is not draining to a nearby sewage system, this can create potential problems with flooding and should be inspected immediately. If you are unable to discover exactly where your surface water is draining, professional services may be needed to diagnose the issue.

A CCTV drain survey is a great way to discover exactly where surface water is draining. This procedure can provide a wide range of benefits for both the diagnosis of drain issues, as well as allowing a general survey of the overall state of the drainage system’s effectiveness and current state.

Does My House Have Surface Water Drainage?

If any experiments you are undertaking are not showing if your house has adequate surface water drainage, then checking the deeds of your property is one sure way to know if you have the proper drainage of surface water. If you do not have the applicable deeds, contact your local authority to obtain a copy.

Another thing to check for to be certain is to look for a soakaway. Simply check the rainwater downpipes for a pattern and follow the pipes until they lead to what can appear as a sunken section in your lawn, which is usually the sign of a soakaway.

Whatever method you choose to discover if your property is draining surface water effectively, the draining of surface water is important, both for the well-being of your property to avoid flooding as well as to stay in compliance with applicable laws in your area.

Do You Have Problems with Surface Water Drainage?

Are you experiencing problems with surface water drainage or trying to determine if your property is properly equipped to remove surface water drainage? KJC Drainage is fully-equipped to assist with any matters related to surface water drainage.

We are a drainage company servicing Chichester and surrounding areas with over 20 years of drainage service experience. We can assess your property to determine where your surface water is draining to and even perform services to create proper surface water drainage systems based on the assessment.

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