How to clear fat from a blocked drain

how to clear far and grease from blocked drain

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We are all being being urged to help clean up our cities and contribute to cutting down on air pollution. As a throw away nation, we tend to think nothing of discarding our leftovers and rubbish in overflowing bins and getting rid of our unwanted waste by pouring it down plug holes.

In fact, grease accumulation inside drains and pipes; which cause spillages and smells to permeate our streets; is a serious yet surprisingly common plumbing problem that we see daily at KJC Drainage.

Grease is one of the worst drain offenders and the hardest to deal with. Below we will explain how the by-products of our food and cooking processes are causing damage to our pipes and plumbing and explain ways in which we can prevent future problems.

Causes of a drain blocked with fat and grease

Grease tends to build up over a prolonged period of time and is made up of many elements. For example, we wash our hands before cooking with soap – many of which are made with animal or vegetable fat – which congeal when washed away. We then use oil in order to help us heat our food and once we finish our meal, our dishes get cleaned and the water gets drained down the sink.

But as the warm dirty dishwater winds its way through your plumbing system, it starts to lose temperature and eventually becomes cold. The grease and fat from your cooking and leftover food then rises to the top and starts to solidify, sticking firmly to the sides of the pipe.

Whist this isn’t initially a problem, over time large clumps of grease will start to clog your drain, stopping water from flowing and your kitchen sink to stink.

If your drains need unblocking in Portsmouth or the surrounding areas, then think KJC Drainage!

How to prevent grease from blocking your drain

Prevention is always better than cure, so we would strongly recommend that you think about what you place down your pipes. Scraping dishes is not always enough, so you could also try the following:

  • Add a fat trap catcher to your kitchen and bathroom sinks. These metal strainers enable water to flow through the drain whilst preventing larger solid items from creating clogs and causing damage.
  • Wipe with paper towels before washing. Kitchen roll is great for blotting and mopping up any leftover liquid that might still be on your plates.
  • Place excess grease into bottles. This way you will ensure that fats are not washed away, and you can even reuse the oil for cooking another time.

How to clear a blocked drain from fat and grease

Usually a blocked drain will start to run slowly, make gurgling noises and begin emanating suspicious smells, giving you plenty of warning that all is not well. This will give you time to repair the drain without any major inconveniences.

There may be times however, when your drain will reach its limit and overflow, causing water damage, electrical issues, costly repairs and frustration for all.

So, what should you do if your drain is blocked with grease and fat? At KJC Drainage, we strongly advise against trying to clear a blockage yourself with chemicals, as these can cause further damage to your pipes, will only act as a temporary solution and may be harmful to your health.

If you do want to attempt to clear a grease clog yourself, and you know that your plumbing system is made-up of metal pipes, then you could try pouring hot water down the drain in order to flush it out. You do need to be careful if you have plastic pipes, as you don’t want to soften or melt the joints.

You could also try using a plunger to force air through the water in order to dislodge the clog. Although this may work initially, we do find that this tends to only last for a short while before the problem is back.

If you are finding that you are plagued with persistent blocked pipes, then you should call in an expert to clear your drain for you.

Why choose KJC Drainage

At KJC Drainage we use innovative equipment such as CCTV and drain testing techniques in order to assess your situation and sort your plumbing problems for good.

We offer professional high-pressure jet washing which can help to clear your pipes, drains and other hard surfaces that are under attack from fat. Able to propel water at high speeds, our drain jetting vans blast through internal and external blockages, clearing out drains and surfaces once and for all, leaving next to no residue behind.

And should your greasy clog be hiding a more sinister problem, then our team of expert specialists can deal with more complex issues such as cracked or collapsed drains.

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our emergency plumbers are on call to quickly locate the source of the problem and ensure that your home is back to normal in no time at all.

Give us a call today on 01329 310630/07496 771999 or complete our online contact form for a free, no obligation quote, and we’ll get back to you with our best available price.

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