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skyvac gutter cleaning services

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Gutter debris can quite possibly be one of the most annoying outdoor maintenance tasks for both business and domestic properties. In addition to being potentially dangerous to clean if your gutters are high up, gutter cleaning can be a tedious and difficult job if debris is packed tight, clogged or needs a good scrub.

High access equipment like a Skyvac, can be beneficial for removing debris and residue from gutters. Plus thanks to its long reach, high-powered suction, its easy-to-clean and disposal methodology makes the cleaning of gutters on tall buildings a breeze.

We are proud to offer this innovative and thorough technology here at KJC Drainage, and in this guide we will tell you all about the benefits of considering our Skyvac cleaning services.

What is a Skyvac?

Skyvac is a portable, state-of-the-art cleaning system that cleans gutters from the safety of the ground.

It can be used at residential homes or other businesses like hospitals or fire stations and negates the need for scaffolding, ladders, or cherry pickers.

A Skyvac gutter machine is a powerful wet and dry vacuum that combines super strong, lightweight carbon fibre poles with the addition of a Skycam, which is an inspection camera with a monitor that helps to ensure pinpoint precision when cleaning.

Simple to use, all gutter debris is vacuumed into an internal basket through a range of accessories for the unit, and once cleaning is complete, the internal basket is emptied.

Each pole is about 1.5 metres long and can reach up to four stories high, even when positioned over awkward obstacles like conservatories. And when it comes to roof cleaning, a Skyvac gutter maintenance system is also safe to use around roof tiles, so you can rest easy and with confidence knowing that if the vacuum were to to touch, clip or hit them, there would be no damage done.

How does gutter cleaning with a Skyvac work?

The sight of green or yellow moss on your roof, and dirty, clogged up gutters, not only look unsightly but can also prevent rainwater from draining away efficiently. Instead gutters begin to overflow, and excess water starts to seep into external cracks around your property, which in turn, can lead to damp appearing inside of your home.

Skyvac gutter cleaning equipment essentially works by vacuuming along the inside of gutters with a high level of suction that lifts both wet and dry debris with complete effectiveness into a secure internal basket.

This light and durable commercial equipment, has a multi-directional head that can be positioned to remove objects such as moss, leafs and twigs, as well as heavy growth from the natural environment that has built up over time.

Best of all, in addition to gutters and roof tiles, a Skyvac can also be used for internal cleaning for areas such as high level ceilings that may need a wash, as it comes with a range of commercial tools for any application.

KJC Skyvac gutter clearing prices

At KJC Drainage, we always seek out the latest products, so that we can offer the best roof cleaning solutions around.

We know that drainage problems, especially in winter, can cause big problems, which is why we offer expert gutter cleaning services to ensure that your property stays dry all year round.

Our expert technicians are here to advise you on the very best immediate and long term solutions for how to clean gutters. As each gutter cleaning job is unique, we will carry out a complimentary full site inspection before providing you with a bespoke quote, based on the job in hand.

Please contact our offices today to discuss how we can help.

What other gutter cleaning services are there?

There are many services out there for this particular problem, but we believe that Skyvac is one of the best methods available, due to its safety and high-powered vacuuming abilities for practically any type of debris.

In addition to cleaning and clearing, we can also provide gutter repair services and surveys of your gutter spaces to check for cracks and leaks. If there are issues with your drainage pipes, then these problems are likely to persist even after a complete and thorough cleaning with a Skyvac.

How can KJC Drainage help you?

If you are noticing leaks along the side of your home, this is a sign that your gutter cavities may need cleaning.

At KJC Drainage, we offer a full range of gutter maintenance and cleaning services tailored to best match the severity of the job at hand. Plus we have over 20 years of excellence in the plumbing, drainage, and excavation industries for both homes and businesses so are well placed to advise.


Are there different types of gutter vacuums?

There are a few different types of gutter vacuum. Craftsman make various types of wet and dry vacuums that can effectively address debris inside of a gutter.

But it must be noted that a Skyvac is the most ideal solution, since the reach of the vacuum is vast and removes the need to scale ladders or set up scaffolding for high up areas.

Who makes Skyvac?

Skyvac is manufactured by a company called Spinaclean Ltd. and they are based in the UK.

Why is gutter cleaning so expensive?

Gutter cleaning can be dangerous as it involves working at heights. A large majority of the gutter cleaning price is associated with safety measures that come with working or inspecting gutters and roofs.
Although a Skyvac removes a large number of safety requirements, in order to be fully effective, the equipment itself comes with a lot of accessories and needs to be operated by a trained technician.

Why choose KJC Drainage?

At KJC Drainage, our Skyvac cleaning service comes inclusive of a full high level inspection. This is because we strive to offer a complete and comprehensive solution to our customers beyond the basic details of the service itself.

So if you are looking for a local company that uses innovative equipment to provide a fast and effective drain and gutter unblocking service, then contact us for more information on Skyvac today!

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